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Wahaca: Summer Specials!

Every so often Wahaca email me their latest specials. I'd be lying if I said I wish they didn't.
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If you’re lucky enough to live in Britain, and you like Mexican food, at some point you’ve probably tried Wahaca. I did and I was hooked. I am on their mailing list so when the latest summer specials were announced, we were off to Cardiff. Thankfully at this point the ULEZ hasn’t arrived here so don’t have to pay the penalty that other less fortunate cities have to endure (I feel for you Bristol). If you’re wealthy enough to own an electric car, you’ve covered your desserts.

We like Wahaca a lot. Cardiff’s is particularly good and the staff are always lovely. Our handler on this occasion was Gavin (a skateboarder and snowboarder). We don’t do either but like the lifestyle and we bounced cool YouTube videos we’d seen back and forth so there was a good connect.

The specials on this occasion were “Free Range Pork Carnitas (above). Slow cooked to perfection then grilled until caramelised. Served with all the essential taco trimmings – tortillas, frijoles, red onion, coriander and lime.”

The second option was “Roasted Cauliflower tacos! Marinated in achiote then roasted until crisp. Accompanied by tortillas, frijoles, pink picked onion and pickled cucumber.”

As there were two of us, we decided to share them. The theatre of build-your-own works too. We do like making them up to taste at the table – great idea and both were super scrummy. The cauli tacos were very much like our favourite cauliflower bites which we also ordered a bowl of. These are on our oder every time we visit.

Portions are good so no need to order desserts on this occasion. We did partake of the raspberry cocktail – another special on the summer menu. Deliciously sweet and a nice contrast to the savoury of the two dishes.

Wahaca is one of our favourite chain restaurants. It doesn’t ever feel like a chain which is part of its charm. Always welcoming and the food is consistently good. Would we return? Always. Just watching the inbox for  a heads up on the next specials.

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