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Lockdown Life: Elgan Roberts Of Bodysgallen Hall

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Elgan Roberts lives in Llandudno with his family and is Director & General Manager of Bodysgallen Hall & Spa. Elgan, like most people in the hospitality industry is acutely aware of the challenges ahead for hotels like his. Here he shares his thoughts with Travel Life about how life has been in lockdown and his hopes for the future.

Are you having to work right now?
Yes, securing and maintaining this historic property of the National Trust in preparation of reopening our doors to welcome back guests.

If you are staying at home, what are you doing to keep yourself occupied?
At home the task is finding things to occupy the time of my three young children – home schooling and taking part in family activities help to keep the mind and body active.

How are you coping?
If you are sensible with your outlook and understand the restrictions placed upon everyone during lockdown are for the benefit of the many, the new everyday challenges become bearable , however frustrating they may be.

Do you find the situation stressful?
Of course, in that it is a very unsettling situation for everyone. At this time there is a level of uncertainty as to what the future will bring, but we must be mindful that we will get through it and remain as positive as we can towards the outcome.

What are your overall thoughts about the pandemic?
My initial thoughts, as I’m sure are everyone’s are, go to the families who have suffered the loss of a loved one to this awful virus. Not being able to be with someone you care about while they pass away is an extra grief that is being suffered by so many at this time. I hope that one day we will have definitive knowledge of how this pandemic came to be and learn how to react quicker and safer should it happen again.

Do you have older family members? Are they reliant on you for anything?
At 75 my Mother is in the vulnerable category but is insistent on doing things for herself. Following social distancing protocol, she walks every day and does her own shopping during what she refers to as “crinkly hour” in the supermarkets.

How do you think this pandemic will change us when things calm down?
It is difficult to think that anything is benefitted from what will be described in the history books as an unprecedented pandemic killer virus. I think, socially, people will remain somewhat distanced more than before and that recommendations made for disinfecting surfaces and general hygiene will improve all round. Who would have thought blowing noses and washing hands would become the norm?

Bodysgallen Hall
The Royal Welsh Way
Bodysgallen Lane
LL30 1RS
01492 584466

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