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Slimmeria: Time To Drop Those Lockdown Pounds

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If you’re anything like me, you’ve piled on the weight during lockdown. I know I’m not alone as my FB feed is telling me quite a few of my friends are having the same issue. We’re all going to the fridge throughout the day. The first and second time, we can’t seem to find anything we fancy and, by the third visit, miraculously we’ve found something to snack on! The vodka bottle is taking a bit of a thrashing as well. Something must be done!

Before I need a fork-lift to suck me out of my sofa, I’m praying for the lockdown to lift so that I can book a week in my favourite detox retreat, Slimmeria in the pretty seaside town of Ilfracombe.

Merlin Court is an impressive and imposing building resting on top of a hill with fabulous views overlooking the town of Ilfracombe. The building has been beautifully restored and renovated and comprises of boutique style en-suite rooms (some with baths). Imagine stripped wood floors, white walls and chandeliers. As this is a detox retreat, there are no TVs and no kettles or trays with teas, coffees and home-made shortbread biscuits! Or vodka.

Galia set up her first Slimmeria retreat in Sussex. She lost more than four stone herself by following her Russian grandmother’s rules, a mix of Russian orthodox fasting, folk medicine and stern, Soviet willpower. She is firm, but fair (with a bit more emphasis on the firm!)

I was lucky enough to visit this retreat last year and, although I wasn’t as heavy as I am now, I managed to lose 5lbs. When you’re quite small, 5lbs makes a big difference in how you look. What I loved most about my stay was that not only did I lose those pounds, I learnt how to eat well (plant based) and with the fantastic trainers Galia had on board (circuits, yoga, dance etc), my body also toned up – my cellulite was almost non-existent on my thighs.

Whilst we all know the answer to losing weight is to eat less and move around more, it’s hard when you have to motivate yourself and contend with the working week, the house and the kids.

If you want to kick start your diet, drop those lockdown lbs, re-you’re your metabolism and tone up in the process, then a trip to Slimmeria could be just the thing to get you ready for that summer holiday (once we do get to travel).

I just hope they’re not fully booked when I make the call!

Slimmeria Slimming Retreat
EX34 8AY

01424 830153

07977 827958

Also in Sussex (01424 830153)

You can find out more about Slimmeria on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

Photography: Images are copyright Joel McDermott.

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