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Domestic GB Tourism Stats (Overnight Trips): October to December 2023

If you're in the industry, here's some interesting data on travel in the UK.
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Key Insights from Q4 2023 Tourism Data. This stuff can be pretty dry but, if you are in the industry, perhaps a hotelier of own a B&B, it’s probably worth a read.

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Initial Release
This report unveils the volume and value of domestic overnight trips taken by British residents in Wales and Great Britain from October to December 2023, along with insights for the full year.

Rhoose Point. Vale of Glamorgan. Photo by Mark Roberts

Methodological Review
Please note that these are preliminary estimates subject to a methodological review, which may lead to revisions.

Trip Purposes
The report covers holidays, visits to friends and relatives (VFR), and business trips, with definitions provided.

Comparative Data
It includes estimates for Wales and Great Britain, with separate data available for England and Scotland through Visit England and Visit Scotland.

Monitoring Tourism Impact
These statistics help monitor domestic tourism demand and its impact on the visitor economy, though caution is advised due to changes in methodology and Covid-19 disruptions.

Face in Cardiff Bay. Photo by Mark Roberts

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