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Messing About On The Water

Owner of Bridgend's Venetia Steele Boutique, Nicola Venetia Steele, floats a few fashion ideas by us for summer cruising.
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Lots of my ladies tell me they love a good boat trip or cruise. Whether it’s just a jaunt across Cardiff Bay or island hopping somewhere hot on the Med, they love it! Quite a few of them are regular cruise-goers so generally have their suitcases packed with exactly what they need but, if you’re a cruise or boating newbie, I’ve got a few ideas for you, so you’re not left high and dry! See what I did there?

A short boat trip is an easy one. All you really need is a pair of comfy trousers (my ladies love our wowsers), a striped nautical T-shirt, a denim jacket (ours are stretchy and comfy and, like the wowsers come in many colours), and a pair of comfy boat shoes.

When it comes to a cruise, now that’s a different matter. On most cruises there are certain dress codes for the evening wear and different ones for different nights of your trip, so this has to be navigated carefully (sorry for the boating phraseology!).

I’ve broken things down to help with the packing as follows.

If you’re not going on a trip and plan to spend your day relaxing by the pool, then a swimsuit and cover up or sarong would be perfect. I’d also pack a hat, flip flops or flat sandals and sunscreen.

If you then break things up by taking part in a ship activity, then a pair of shorts and a tank top or t-shirt would do the job nicely.

Very often the air con is pretty high, so don’t forget to take a jumper, kimono, and scarf to keep off the chill. Again, we have plenty of choices of these.

Offshore Excursions
Beach stops are easy as you can just wear the same thing that you’ve worn by the pool but if you’re excursion involves walking through the town or stopping for lunch, then you’ll need something with more coverage.

This is where one of our fabulous maxi dresses comes into play. They’re comfortable and cook and perfect for shopping and eating at a nice restaurant. We’ve got no sleeve or full sleeve options but again, don’t forget to take one of our denim short jackets with you just in case the weather calls for it.

You’ll need a comfy pair of shoes to walk in. Make sure you’ve worn them in before your trip, so you don’t get blisters from new shoes (we’ve all been there!). A pair of platform trainers always work well here. I love my Russell & Bromley platform trainers. They’re so comfy and stylish and bang on trend!

Evening Wear
Some people also really enjoy dressing up. I love it! Any opportunity and I get the sequins out! If that sounds like you, then there’s nothing more glamorous than one of our maxi sequin dresses. A real knockout look! These with a pair of heels and a sassy clutch and you’ll turn heads. If sequins aren’t your thing, then one of our dressier maxi dresses will do just nicely. We’ve just started stocking these gorgeous gold metallic heels. Aren’t they stunning!

We’ve already mentioned the scarves (of which we’ve plenty of options to choose from) but you’ll also need a couple of bags for daytime and evening. We can help there too. We’ve also got a great selection of jewellery which would complete any outfit and help ring the changes.

A stunning necklace or dangly large earrings can transform a daytime maxi dress look into a completely different night-time appropriate look.

If you’re still not quite sure what to take, you could always ask your friends who are regular cruise goers or even ring the travel agent or cruise line for more help.

Or you could pop in to see me at Venetia Steele Boutique in Bridgend and I can help you choose everything you’ll need to make any boat trip or cruise a huge success. And you’ll have loads of fun in the process.

It’s time to start your packing!

Venetia Steele Boutique
30-32 Caroline Street, Bridgend CF31 1DQ
07768 708 782

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