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Oxfordshire Puts The Springs In Our Step

If you love your golf, The Springs will certainly float your boat...
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Whilst we love hopping on a plane and travelling the world, there is still much to explore in our own green and pleasant land. We recently visited another hotel near the Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire border (link here), and we loved our time there so much that we booked a stay at the Springs Hotel which has recently been completely renovated and refurbished.

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Fun fact. The hotel once had a famous owner. It was once owned by Ian Gillan of Deep Purple, and it was famous for having a guitar shaped swimming pool.  He bought the property in 1973 for £100,000 and then invested further £443,000 into renovating it and converting into a hotel. The fate of the enterprise is covered in his autobiography if anyone’s interested. Pretty sure you’ll find it on Amazon or, preferably, a local book shop.

For anyone following this website, Mark is a culture vulture and loves his photography and enjoys nothing more than snapping places and buildings of interest (and anything else that catches his eye). I, on the other hand, am a simple soul and the things that float my boat are people watching and shopping. Please don’t judge me.

On our trip, there was enough to keep Mark and I happy but as this blog is all about me, then let me tell you about the quaint village of Thame. It was recommended to us by one of the amazing staff members. We were going to go to Oxforditself but the lady in question said it was pretty much like any other city and after asking what we liked, she suggested Thame.

What a great suggestion. It was such a lovely little market village with some great independent shops, pubs and cafes. What blew me away was that it had a Mint Velvet! A store that we don’t have in Cardiff. Yes, we had a dribble of a concession in House of Fraser but that went a while back. I picked up a few nice pieces and we then went for a lovely meal in one of the cosy little pubs nearby.

All in all, a perfect end to a perfect mid-week break!

The Springs Resort & Golf Club

Wallingford Road
North Stoke,
Wallingford OX10 6BE
01491 827300

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Read all about our experience in Vale Life.
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